Druaksan Happiness Travels has been formed by group of expertise and young professional entrepreneurs   to share about Bhutan with the our outside Friends to  offer  experience the  proclaim the philosophy of Gross National Happiness.

Druksan Happiness Tour & Travel is mandate to provide best custom care. Our customers are our first priority and we are not only profit oriented but also custom oriented service provider.

We also belief to foster to creating excellent service provider and us belief in giving best services with our following vision and Mission:


Consumer’s satisfaction


To achieve the demand of consumers by producing quality service


Quality Service

we believe that our overarching goal should be to give our guests best customer care and  an insight into what makes Bhutan a “ truly happiness country”.

Need Statement

With growing number of Tourism Industry in the country, there is need of best quality service providers in the country.

Therefore, Druksan Happiness Tour & travel will make our guest their happiest stay in Bhutan.

The number of Travel agent in the country is also been increasing in the recent few years. Besides other Tour operators, Druksan Happiness Tour and travel will be one of the lucrative agents that would satisfy the consumer needs. Having well trained and well experiences staffs,  Druksan Happiness promise to fulfill your Happiest Stay in the Land Peaceful Thunder dragon country – Last Shangri-La.

The Chief Executive Officer of Druksan Happiness Tour & Travel  is Mrs. Ricnhen Pelmo, a young entrepreneur who is well trained in Business Management.

With our mission to offer you an exotic, yet comfortable, travelling experience in our homeland, based on what you want to see and do.

All the guides we employ are fluent in English, Japanese, French, Chinese and have years of experience in Bhutan’s tourism industry.