Bhutan has rich heritage, culture and the myth and legends seamlessly comes together to create a unique and journey. The centuries old rich architecture and customs are still been practiced today. Everything in Bhutan is simply beautiful and very different.

Since Bhutan has the noble and popular kings, the massive centuries old “Dzongs” forts which are situated on the high hills, towns and villages with colorful traditional houses, man and women who are wearing their national dress called Gho and Kira and beautiful valley all around. Bhutan has a wonderful landscape and many special events which are very unique.

Bhutan has many activities available for those visitors seeking a place of solace, rest and recuperation. Whether it’s a session of peaceful, contemplative meditation, photography, white river rafting, honeymoon, wedding tour, bird watching, biking tour, adventure tour or spiritual and wellness tour.

We have created these Special programs so as to give to a very special tour package which will cherish your memory in Bhutan forever. Our Travel research teams has created new special tour package as per the requirements of the guest to give the best travel experience of Bhutan.